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PowerDMS is the #1 policy and compliance management platform for high-trust organizations. In the real world, your policies, training, and accreditation don’t operate in silos. Your compliance software shouldn’t either. Find out why 4,000+ customers trust our integrated platform.

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Used by 800+ public safety agencies, BlueTeam is the premier platform in support of frontline documentation, supervisory oversight and organizational accountability. BlueTeam’s simplicity is essential to its role as a solution for the frontline, designed for use at all hours, and in all conditions.

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LEFTA Systems has been working to build better software for law enforcement agencies. Continually testing and improving our products, LEFTA Systems applications are now being used at local, state and federal levels, and with nearly 400 clients and more than 80,000 law enforcement officers nationwide.

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Dedicated to promoting the value of knowledge through empirical research in behavioral science and human dynamics to enhance public safety, and improve peace officer performance in critical situations.

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VirTra helps prepare law enforcement officers for real-life incidents so they can return home safely after each shift. Each real-world use of force training simulator has surreal scenarios that provide an in-depth look into human performance.

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Whether an officer works nights, or simply has the day off, PowerDetails eliminates the fear of missing out on extra-duty opportunities. Officers can take comfort in knowing job sign-ups are available to them 24/7 directly through the PowerDetails mobile app and website.

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One of the things that separates Point Emblems from the competition is their love for the people we work with. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!

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We are very excited to announce that the 10 Year Anniversary of our Annual DLG Use of Force Summit will be returning live to Mohegan Sun November 30th-December 2nd, 2021!
The Use of Force Summit was developed to meet the needs of agencies in response to widely publicized use of force and deadly force incidents across the country. The Summit will offer full access to Industry Leaders to receive firsthand knowledge and experience in force related topics. Our theme this year is “Working Together to Find Our Way Forward”. As a wave of unrest continues to sweep across our nation, our goal at DLG is to work together and to continue teaching others in order to better protect our communities by focusing not only on training, but in continued education.
Every year, DLG has invited a select group of law enforcement and education-driven sponsors to be an integral part of the Use of Force Summit. Having the support of our Sponsors not only benefits DLG in bringing us closer to having a PERFECT event, but it enhances the recognition of your brand to thousands of Law Enforcement officials throughout the country through our marketing efforts. We hosted 650 attendees in 2019 and while we delivered our message across a virtual platform in 2020, it enabled us to provide the same training and knowledge to over 1,000 attendees. Now, more than ever, we are excited for 2021 as we celebrate our 10 Year Use of Force Summit Anniversary and anticipate 800-1,000 guests in person!
Leaders understand the importance of training as a solution to impact a company’s growth and development. Whether in-person or virtually, the DLG team is here to recognize and promote our Sponsors every step of the way. We are looking for a partnership where we can grow and work together as we find our way forward.

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