2019 Faculty

Faculty & Instructors for the 2019 Use of Force Summit
Eric P. Daigle, J.D.
Attorney Daigle specializes in Civil Rights litigation and Law Enforcement Operations Consultant. Attorney Daigle also conducts training on use of force standards, including electronic control weapons and responses to force/deadly force incidents. Attorney Daigle acts in his capacity as a Law Enforcement Consultant providing guidance and oversight to department command staff on operations, force response, and risk management. He has served as an expert witness in use of force cases and has reviewed use of force incidents around the Attorney Daigle serves as a member of independent monitoring teams and acts as an auditor in reviewing police department organizational compliance with procedural revisions directed or overseen by the Federal court system.
John Aldi
Mr. Aldi worked for the Connecticut Department of Correction where he worked his way through the ranks and retired, after 24 years, as the Statewide Security Risk Group Coordinator in the Department’s Security Division. In this role he promoted the coordination of security risk group intelligence sharing throughout the Department of Correction and across criminal justice and policing agencies throughout the state and nation. Currently he has relocated to South Carolina where he has taken the role as the Statewide Security Threat Group Coordinator for the South Carolina Department of Correction.

Eric Atstupenas
Attorney Eric Atstupenas presently serves as the General Counsel for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association. He has spent his career immersing himself in all areas of the law which impact LE professionals. He is a member of the International Association of the Chiefs of Police – Legal Officers Section and serves on the Board of Directors for the Municipal Police Institute, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to providing training to LE in Massachusetts. Eric is the author of several LE training materials, has been published in the Police Chief magazine, a monthly publication by the IACP, and provides training to LE professionals nationally. Eric works extensively with Eric Daigle, Esq., of DLG as a law enforcement consultant and trainer.

Jamie Borden
22-year P.O.S.T. certified Police veteran, retiring from the Henderson Police Department in July of 2018, Sergeant (ret.) Jamie Borden created and implemented the “Use of Force Training and Analysis Unit” for the agency. The unit was designed to identify and analyze human performance issues related to police use of force, and to incorporate those dynamics into the overall force investigation and analysis. His company, Critical Incident Review (C.I.R.) is developing training curriculum in the investigation of officer involved critical incidents to include human dynamics and limitations and the forensic examination of video evidence. Sgt. Borden is currently an Instructor with the Force Science Institute and trains officers nationwide in the behavioral limitations of Officers in a critical incident and Police Performance Dynamics as they apply to the law enforcement profession.

Sean Case
Captain Case has been involved in law enforcement since 1998, beginning his career with the Los Angeles Police Department and currently working for the Anchorage Police Department in Alaska. In his eighteen-year career with the Anchorage Police Department, Captain Case has served in various roles including SWAT Officer, K9 handler, School Resource Officer, Patrol Sergeant, Internal Affairs Investigator, Patrol Shift Commander, and Patrol Division Captain. Captain Case is a use of force instructor that includes developing, training, and implementing use of force standards, documentation, investigations, and department policies.

Kevin Dillon
Kevin Dillon (ret) is a highly sought-after speaker and international trainer. He has lectured on use of force executive issues throughout the country. Lt. Dillon has been requested in many hotspots such as New Mexico, St Louis MO, California to address concerns on police use of force. He has appeared on CNN , NPR and other radio shows. Lt. Dillon is a 26-year law enforcement officer, SWAT Commander and trainer. He is certified by the Force Science Institute and is an FBI National Academy Graduate. Lt. Dillon is also the developer of 2 Internationally Recognized programs, L.O.C.K.U.P. Arrest and Control System and L.E.A.D.S. Law Enforcement Active De-escalation Strategies program being instructed to law enforcement officers globally.

David Downing
David Downing is the Manager of Corporate Investigations for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company, overseeing all employee misconduct, workplace violence and external crime investigations for over 24,000 employees operating out of 3,500 facilities throughout California. Before working for PG&E, David was the Assistant Chief for the Oakland Police Department and served as the Acting Chief of Police during his last year of service in 2017. He has taught police tactics internationally and is considered a national expert on crowd management as well as the Incident Command System. David also served his county as an Air Force Reservist from 1984-2014. He retired as a Chief Master Sergeant with the Air Force Office of Special Investigations.
Liam Duggan
Sgt. Liam Duggan is a senior instructor with Calibre Press and a member of the St. Paul Police Department. His career began in 1997 with the Burnsville (Minn.) Police Department and has served in investigations, patrol, vice/narcotics, SWAT, undercover operations, and training. e currently serves on the board of Advisors for the National Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors Association and as the Director of Training and Development for the Special Operations Training Association. Sgt. Duggan is a Certified Force Science Analyst who specializes in human performance factors analysis, training force options, firearms/combatives and leadership development. He also actively consults as an expert witness in use of force incidents.

Grant Fredericks
Mr. Fredericks is a certified Forensic Video Analyst and video codec expert who has been instructing for the FBI National Academy on video and technology issues since 2002. He has provided technical assistance for the US Department of Justice, the National Institute of Justice, and more on high-profile investigations around the world. Grant specializes in the examination of video evidence in police User of Force Investigations. His work as the Technical Manager for a 2011 criminal investigation, which involved over 5,000 hours of video, was awarded the IACP’s top award for Technical Advances in a Criminal Investigation. Grant is a former police officer and coordinator of the Vancouver, Canada, Police Department.

Carrie Hill, Esq.
Ms. Hill is an attorney and national criminal justice consultant. She has dedicated her 30-year career to providing professional development seminars in correctional law, along with criminal justice consulting, to educate and empower those working in the correctional industry.  Attorney Hill’s contributions go beyond professional development to consulting for and defense of correctional facilities, management and staff. She is also the former General Counsel to the Utah Department of Corrections, Editor of Corrections Managers’ Report and most recently, the Senior Administrative Manager to Sheriff Richard Stanek in Hennepin, Count, MN. Attorney Hill has recently accepted a new role with the NSA as the Director of the National Center for Jail Operations (NCJO).

Don Leach
Administrative Officer, Senior (Deputy Director) for Division of Community Corrections, Lexington, Kentucky. Served in the Marine Corps. Graduated University of Kentucky (Social and Political Theory) graduate work (Theory of Geography), doctorate degree (Public Administration.) Began as a Deputy Jailer in 1984. Has designed, developed and supervised the  pre-service and in-service training programs, management information systems and offender classification systems. Has developed contracts for a variety of privatized jail services.  Has served as a jail management consultant for agencies such as the National Institute of Corrections, the AJA, Voorhis-Robertson Justice Services, U.S. DOJ and the Ministry of Justice, Netherlands. Provides consulting and expert services to jurisdictions across the United States. Has implemented statewide jail risk management. Has served on the AJA Board.

Mickey Osterreicher
Mickey H. Osterreicher is of Counsel to Barclay Damon, LLP in the Media & First Amendment Law Practice Area and serves as general counsel to the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA). He has been a uniformed reserve deputy with the Erie County Sheriff’s Department since 1976. Mr. Osterreicher has provided training regarding First and Fourth Amendment issues to law enforcement agencies and associations throughout the United States and has moderated and participated on panels nationwide, speaking about the right to photograph and record in public to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), the National Sheriffs Association (NSA). He is a member of ILEETA as well as being a member of the Public Recording of Police Advisory Committee of the IACP. He is also certified as having been trained under the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

John Peters, Jr.
John G. Peters, Jr., CTC, CLS, Ph.D. serves as president of the internationally recognized training firm, Institute for the Prevention of In-custody Deaths, Inc. A pioneering and leading arrest-related deaths and excited delirium subject matter expert, Dr. Peters has been instructing law enforcement officers for more than four decades. He has published over 250 articles, 5 texts, and numerous informational videos. Based in the Las Vegas, NV area, Dr. Peters has been judicially qualified as an expert witness in federal, state, and international courts.
Sheryl Prichard
Sheryl Prichard has been a prosecutor in Franklin County, Ohio since 1996 handling a wide range of felony cases, including numerous capital murder cases. Attorney Prichard is also responsible for reviewing and presenting all officer-involved shootings to the grand jury as well as assisting other agencies in reviewing their OIS and presenting them to a grand jury for review. She regularly argues cases before appellate courts and the Ohio Supreme Court. She works closely with the Columbus, Ohio Division of Police and Franklin County, Ohio Sheriff’s Office regarding use of force training and policies.
Jeff Selleg
Commander Jeff Selleg has worked in law enforcement since 1996 and is currently assigned as the lead tactical commander for Valley Regional SWAT. Jeff has been assigned to Valley Regional SWAT since October of 2000 and has held the roles of entry officer, police sniper, sniper team leader, entry team leader, and commander. Besides these roles, he is a certified explosive breacher, HazMat Technician, Firearms instructor, Less-Lethal instructor, and Emergency Driving Instructor. Additionally holds positions as the President of the Washington State Tactical Officer’s Association and the NTOA’s Tactical Leadership Committee Chair.
Paul Taylor
Paul Taylor is an Assistant Professor in the School of Public Affairs at the University of Colorado Denver where he studies decision making and human error in the context of use-of-force encounters. He is also a Senior Instructor and Course Coordinator for the Force Science Institute. Paul has over ten years of practical law enforcement experience including time as a department training manager, patrol sergeant, field training officer, and use-of-force instructor. He is actively engaged in law enforcement research and training across the country and regularly presents to both academic and practitioner audiences.
Lawrence Terra, Esq.
Attorney Terra has served as a command level CT state trooper, a federal law enforcement officer and now as a municipal police department administrator. He serves as a Certified Police Officer Standards and Training Council legal trainer and as an associate college professor. With thirty years of law enforcement experience, Attorney Terra has investigated or supervised police use of force investigations, police misconduct, criminal police violations and corruption. He has worked closely with municipal governments in the analysis and resolution of internal issues relating to violations of policy, hiring processes, termination procedures and established employment standards. Attorney Terra is certified to provide instruction in all police related legal training areas identified by the Police Academy.
Alan Yu
Lieutenant Alan Yu is currently serving as a Watch Commander for the Oakland Police Department. From 2011-2016 he served as OPD’s Lead Force Investigator, and later was promoted to Force Investigations Commander and then Internal Affairs Commander. Lieutenant Yu investigated, reviewed and/or presented all of Oakland’s Officer Involved Shootings and In Custody Incidents since 2011. He has conducted training on Use of Force Investigations, Officer Involved Shootings/Investigations, Electronic Control Weapons, Community Policing and Racial Profiling. He has received certification from the Force Science Institute and Force Encounters Analysis from the California Training Institute.

Brian Zawilinski
Captain Zawilinski is recently retired as an Investigator for the CT Department of Corrections. He has been the agency’s subject matter expert on use of force and is often called upon to review and determine if such an incident requires additional investigation. For over 25 years, Mr. Zawilinski has served as an Instructor and an instructor-Trainer in various topics to include Administrative Investigations, Firearms, Tactical Operations, Leadership, Defensive Tactics, Use of Force, Legal Aspects, Chemical Weapons, Baton and as an adjunct instructor for the agency’s Fugitive Recovery Team (FRT). He is a certified Force Science analyst and has received certifications from several nationally recognized organizations that specialize in interview and interrogation techniques, de-escalation tactics, psychology of conflict, use of force and legal aspects.

Because of trial schedule changes or other unplanned events, we may have to engage substitute speakers with similar knowledge and experience.

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